Freemelt receives order from Carnegie Mellon University

26 Sep 2022

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt, whose groundbreaking solutions create new conditions for rapid growth and development in 3D printing, has received an order for a Freemelt ONE system from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in the USA. The system, containing Freemelt’s new ProHeat module, will be used for materials research and will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2022.

This is the fourth Freemelt ONE order to the USA, which shows that there is a pronounced and growing interest in Freemelt’s products in North America, which is now one of the company’s main markets. Similar to the Georgia Institute of Technology, where Freemelt took an order earlier this year, Carnegie Mellon University consistently ranks as one of America’s top universities in science.

“The open-source e-beam printer from Freemelt will support our research and development of new materials as well as process optimization. E-beam processes have the unique capability to maintain multiple small-scale melt pools using a single, large power e-beam source. This offers a pathway to scaling the AM process not available on laser powder bed systems.” says Doctor Sandra DeVincent Wolf, Executive Director at The NextManufacturing Center at Carnegie Mellon University and continues:

“The Freemelt ONE system will directly support our ARL (The Army Research Laboratory) sponsored A.I. enabled Additive Manufacturing program as well as other federally funded and industry supported programs. Additionally, the equipment will be utilized as part of our hands-on metals AM lab course.”

“This order proves that Freemelt ONE meets the highest requirements in advanced materials research.
The NextManufacturing Center at Carnegie Mellon University is leading the way in the digital transformation of manufacturing to accelerate innovation for economic prosperity”, says Peter Jain, Chief Sales Officer at Freemelt.

“We are very pleased with this order from Carnegie Mellon University. It once again demonstrates Freemelt’s ability to deliver equipment that is highly attractive for materials research at the most advanced research facilities in the world”, says Ulric Ljungblad, CEO of Freemelt.

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