Open Source

Freemelt is founded based on the idea that metal 3D Printing need to be more open to grow faster in influence and value. Our open source platform lets you use your full potential to develop applications the world has yet to see.

The conditions for our open source ecosystem

The users are free to use and alter the software to their specific needs.

No black box
The software is open and can be inspected and validated.

No lock-in effect
Users can develop the software independently of the original creators.

Open source accelerates many industries

There is more to making a truly open platform than just providing the source code to the user. It should also invite, rather than intimidate, the user. Freemelt is the open source catalyst for the additive manufacturing industry, for software as well as hardware, and we invite everyone to join our openness.

Our data format lets the user select size and movement of the electron beam for melt process sequencing down to each individual time stamp. Printing definition files can be generated by simple scripts or complex AI-driven heat models. As the data format is open, it is not limited to the Freemelt ONE system. It allows for integration into heat simulation software, CAM tools or even other 3D printers.

With a common language that enables control of 3D printers to an unsurpassed level of detail, we want to see new actors join the AM arena to collaborate without having to invest in development of their own hardware. This is common in many industries where collaboration is the key to fast progress. If we combine our efforts we can move faster than if we act alone!

Freedom is a nutrient of creativity and when you are free to do anything, you can accomplish anything! Open source is a revolution in an industry where “open” often means “not totally locked down”. The user can adapt and evolve the code, and share it within the community, to accelerate the development of tomorrow’s materials.

Since you have full control, you can feel secure that melt processes you develop will not have a “best before” date. Since you have full access to the software you do not risk your IP going obsolete by changes in third party software. You have unlimited control of the process design but also what you do with the process you develop. You are free to share it with anyone as well as keeping it strictly to yourself.

The software

Innovative, driven by data and easy to extend. The software developed by Freemelt resides in the 3D Printer, on the Desktop and in the Cloud. It is not only possible but easy for the user to build something amazing with a 3D printer software ecosystem that is designed from day one to be open and where adaptability and interoperability are key parts of the overall architecture.


The software architecture of the Freemelt ONE lends much from well tested principles like microservices and the unix philosophy – Do one thing and do it well! Many small applications collaborate to build the Freemelt ONE software platform. The architecture is layered with services, controllers, build processors and interfaces.

This contrasts to older software designs where a complex monolithic application tries to do everything. With our approach the software is efficient to update and more adaptable for users.

Freemelt ONE safety features are stand alone, always ensuring your safety.


Melt patterns is what defines the processing and the way to control Freemelt ONE is to have complete control of generating beam paths in our Open Beam Path (OBP) file format.

One starting point is our Python library that gives you a palette of tools to generate and manipulate beam paths to create an OBP file. We also supply you with a Viewer that can visualize an OBP file at full resolution.

These tools and the OBP data format are open for the users and third parties are also welcome integrate their existing tools with the OBP data format.


Data mining and machine learning are keys to releasing the full potential of future 3D printing. We provide you with full control of data generated from your Freemelt ONE. We have designed the Freemelt cloud platform to help organize and annotate the data generated when you are using Freemelt ONE.

You can add notes and annotations when running a build and further organize multiple builds to projects where all data are collected and easily analysed. For more thorough analysis, we also provide an API to fetch the data for processing with your own data analysis tools.

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