Metal 3D printers that shape the tomorrow of manu­factu­ring

We need mass collaboration to solve the complex challenges of additive manufacturing. Our 3D printers together with our open source platform will accelerate this process, allowing you to develop new materials, shapes and applications the industry has yet to see.


eMelt is a game changer for industrial 3D printing – reaching higher productivity combined with open-source accessibility in an industrial package

Freemelt One

A metal 3D printer optimized for materials R&D, based on electron beam powder bed fusion (E-PBF)

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Sjätte Freemelt ONE-ordern till Nordamerika

– Stärker positionen på den viktiga FoU-marknaden


New Freemelt ONE order to North America

– Further strengthening its position in the important R&D market



Martin Granlund appointed new CFO at Freemelt

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt – whose groundbreaking solutions enhance the possibility for rapid growth and development in 3D printing – appoints Martin Granlund as new CFO. Martin Granlund has extensive experience in the financial industry, such as from SEB, Nasdaq OMX and as CFO of the Dutch company TOM, The Order Machine. He will take up the position in March 2023 and will join the company's management team.


Martin Granlund utses till ny CFO på Freemelt

Nasdaq First North-listade Freemelt – vars banbrytande lösningar skapar nya förutsättningar för snabb tillväxt och utveckling inom 3D-printing – utser Martin Granlund till ny CFO. Martin Granlund har gedigen erfarenhet av finansbranschen, bland annat från SEB, Nasdaq OMX och som CFO på Nederländska TOM, The Order Machine. Han tillträder befattningen under mars, 2023 och tar plats i bolagets ledningsgrupp.


Femte Freemelt ONE-ordern till Nordamerika

– Fortsätter stärka position på den viktiga FoU-marknaden

Adding value to:

Onboarding process for universities

Research providers are important for us. You are the best ambassadors for our technology! We listen to your needs and help you reach your research goals. That is the best way for us to show the potential in our technology.

Our onboarding process

Onboarding process for commercial R&D

Many products have improvement potential if made in new materials. Freemelt ONE is the starting point for product material upgrades. Our technology enables fast iterations to establish the important fundamentals in your product development cycle.

Our onboarding process

Working together

If we combine our efforts we can move faster than if we work alone. Our open source platform lets you adapt and evolve the code, and share it within the community, to accelerate the development of tomorrow’s materials.

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EBM, SEBM, EBAM, EBSM, E-PBF, EB-FFF,… different acronyms for similar things


Nine myths about Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion

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