Freemelt receives an order of Freemelt ONE from Hungarian nuclear research institute

31 Aug 2023

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt – a deep-tech and green-tech company whose groundbreaking solutions create new conditions for rapid growth in 3D-printing, has received an order for a Freemelt ONE system from the Institute for Nuclear Research (ATOMKI) in Hungary to be used for research in nuclear material science. The order value is approximately MSEK 4.6 with expected delivery in the third quarter of 2023.

Nuclear power has gained increased interest and traction to reduce carbon emissions. Further, increased use of solar and wind power has highlighted the need for stable base power such as nuclear power to make the energy system efficient.

Freemelt ONE is particularly suited for high temperature materials commonly found in fusion and fission reactors. For example, one of the core materials for Freemelt is tungsten that can withstand extreme temperatures and is suitable for radiation shielding.

The Freemelt ONE machine is optimized for materials research to introduce new materials and products in industrial applications faster. The Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA Atomki) is one of the leading facilities in the field of atomic and nuclear physics in Hungary. The fact that the Freemelt ONE machine includes a periscope function makes it possible to monitor the process by looking into the machine while a component is being produced, a feature enabled by the unique Freemelt technology.

Freemelt’s CEO, Daniel Gidlund comments,
“We are happy that the collaboration with MTA Atomki now has resulted in an order of our Freemelt ONE machine. We see an increased activity and interest from the energy sector, and this order is an important step and confirmation of the value that Freemelt and Additive Manufacturing technology can bring to the energy transformation.”

Gidlund continues,
“An important part of our offering is that our customers can develop, evaluate and test material processes in our research machine Freemelt ONE and when ready, transfer them seamlessly into high-volume production through our industrial machine eMELT. We see this new order as an important a milestone on our journey to be a market leading supplier of metal 3D-printing solutions.”

 “Freemelt ONE will be used for research in surface science, surface topology, which means creation of new surface structures and composite materials via non adiabatic alloying, based on opportunity of a fast-moving powerful electron beam. The open architecture and free parametrization of the properties of the beam makes Freemelt ONE an ideal tool for research purposes.” says Professor, Dr. Kalman Vad, Atomki.

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