Freemelt receives an order from Saab Dynamics targeting defense applications

26 Mar 2024

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt – a deep-tech, green-tech company whose groundbreaking solutions create new conditions for rapid growth in 3D printing has received an order from Saab Dynamics for a feasibility study targeting material process development of complex materials intended for new innovative solutions within the defense industry.

Saab, a global Swedish company offering world-leading products, services, and solutions within defense and civil security. Saab’s market offering is broad and consists of complex systems involving extensive research and development as well as services with a high degree of repetition. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts, and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. Sweden is often ranked as one of the world’s most innovative countries. A significant reason for this is the collaborative model known as the “Triple Helix,” where the academic world, industry, and government collectively identify, research, and develop innovative technologies and services that meet the country’s needs. Sweden’s defense industry has long embraced this approach, with Saab taking a prominent leadership role.

The challenges and crises of recent years, including the pandemic, political uncertainty, and ongoing conflicts, have created a strained geopolitical situation, accelerating interest and the need to find more innovative manufacturing solutions, like 3D printing.

To accelerate the development of new innovative products and to establish local innovative manufacturing capabilities based on 3D printing, Freemelt, and Saab have entered into a first joint project. Within the project, Freemelt will deliver a feasibility study based on Freemelt’s research machine Freemelt ONE targeting defense applications.

Freemelt’s CEO Daniel Gidlund comments,
“It is rewarding that we can add another global leading industrial company like Saab to our customer list! During the past months, we have seen an accelerated interest in Freemelt’s 3D printing solutions from various industries, adapting to the geopolitical situation. Industries are increasing investments to foster innovation in critical applications and to establish local manufacturing to secure availability of critical components.”

Gidlund continues,
“Freemelt with its unique technology and products will have an important and active role in strengthening the competitiveness of the Swedish industries. We are eager to start this collaboration and will do our utmost for a long and fruitful collaboration between Freemelt and Saab.

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