Freemelt receives an order for Freemelt ONE from a prestigious university in the U.S.

23 Apr 2024

Freemelt has received an order for a Freemelt ONE system from a prestigious university in the U.S., targeting material research of critical metal applications. The order value is approximately MSEK 5 with expected delivery in the second quarter of 2024.

The customer, a prestigious American university has extensive experience and knowledge in metal additive manufacturing. The university will utilize the Freemelt ONE system for material research of refractory metals suitable for various critical applications. Refractory metals such as tungsten have high melting points, excellent mechanical properties, and resistance to corrosion and wear, making them suitable for use in industrial processes involving extreme temperatures in areas like aerospace, manufacturing equipment, and energy applications. Refractory metal’s high melting point limits the ability to manufacture parts with traditional methods. Additive manufacturing has proven that geometric constraints can be unlocked and thus widen the accessible market.

The university is fostering partnerships with regional and national manufacturing industries to identify new applications to be manufactured through additive manufacturing, as an innovative manufacturing technology increasing the competitiveness of the U.S. industry.

Freemelt’s CEO, Daniel Gidlund comments,
”It is rewarding that another prestigious American university chose to build their material research and development on Freemelt’s 3D printers. We have intensified our presence in the American market, ramping up sales and marketing efforts, which we now see the results from. This is another important order for Freemelt, as it contributes to the expansion of our installed base for Freemelt ONE. This is the ninth Freemelt ONE system sold in the U.S. and the twenty-fifth sold globally. Universities and research institutes in the U.S. play a pivotal role in the industrialization of additive manufacturing in the U.S. and are therefore critical to Freemelt for our industrial expansion in North America.”

Gidlund continues:
“We continue to see an increased demand for Freemelt’s expertise within additive manufacturing and the value our innovative technology brings to critical applications based on refractory metals. A trend that further strengthens our position in the market”

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