Freemelt in global breakthrough agreement for the new industrial machine eMELT

5 Oct 2023 | Regulatory

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt, whose superior solutions create new conditions for rapid growth and development in 3D printing, has signed an agreement with a global leading technology company regarding Freemelt’s groundbreaking new industrial machine – eMELT. The customer has an interest in eMELT for large-scale 3D production of Tungsten products for different types of applications.

3D printing, also called Additive Manufacturing is a manufacturing technology under substantial growth to revolutionize the traditional manufacturing industry, by offering a sustainable production process with optimized product design, shorter lead times, minimal waste and reduced environmental footprint. There are several technologies within Additive Manufacturing and where the Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion (EPBF) technology is rapidly advancing areas for metal mass-production, a market where Freemelt has a unique offering, extensive know-how, experience and patents.

Fremelt’s industrial machine for mass production, eMELT is based on the proven core technology and open-source approach from the successful research machine Freemelt ONE. eMELT is designed for mass production purpose in an industrial context and has been developed in close collaboration with selected industrial partners holding extensive knowledge and successful experience from Additive Manufacturing of metal parts and components. eMELT enables a safe and sustainable production process with improved reliability, increased availability that generates improved productivity and cost-efficient high-volume production compared to other available metal 3D printing solutions.

“For the past years, we have been collaborating with this global leader of Tungsten 3D printing regarding material process development of pure Tungsten. Tungsten is a very demanding material for all types of manufacturing technologies, but where Freemelt’s EPBF technology has unique capabilities that will revolutionize the productivity of mass-produced Tungsten parts and components. We have achieved great results, why the parties now have signed an agreement to industrialize this process and enable large-scale production of Tungsten parts and components via eMELT”, says Daniel Gidlund, Freemelt’s CEO”.

As a part of this strategic agreement, Freemelt will contribute with knowhow and solutions within EPBF printing, and extensive knowledge and experience in Tungsten material process-development, targeting mass-production applications. The purpose is that the parties shall adapt and optimize the functionality, capability and integration of eMELT to the customers production process. The agreement is thus about achieving the customer’s production requirements and integrating eMELT machines into the customer’s manufacturing process for optimized productivity and cost per printed part.

“Freemelt is unique to enable a seamless transfer of a material process for 3D printing, from a research and development platform to a mass-producing industrial application. All the developments that have taken place in our Freemelt ONE system in recent years are now being transferred to eMELT. This allows the customer to efficiently get started with the production of the desired parts and components”, says Daniel Gidlund and continues:

“eMELT has a completely new innovative design with four parallel building modules and higher beam power than any other system on the market, which enables a higher production capacity and more cost-efficient solution. At the same time, it is easy to integrate into the customer’s production environment and process thanks to the OEM agnostic software in eMELT.
Both parties will collaborate close to integrate eMELT into the customers large-scale factory environment, so eMELT can generate efficient processing of data from integrated sensors and control systems in connection with the customers manufacturing process. This will ensure a continuous overview and control of the manufacturing process for optimized mass production of Tungsten components.

Freemelt is a deep- and green-tech growth company whose groundbreaking solution creates new conditions for rapid growth in 3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing. The company’s protected technology, which is already installed in large companies and universities, takes 3D printing to a new level and provides new opportunities to print products in a cost-effective way and to an even and high quality. By choosing an open-source solution, the conditions are created for strong growth that enables Freemelt to develop products for manufacturing markets.

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