Freemelt Holding AB (publ) appoints ABG Sundal Collier as new liquidity provider

3 Jun 2024 | Regulatory

Freemelt Holding AB (the “Company”) has decided to change liquidity provider and enter into a new agreement on liquidity enhancement with ABG Sundal Collier (“ABGSC”).

ABGSC will act as liquidity provider for the Company’s shares listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The commitment takes place within the framework of Nasdaq Stockholm’s rules on liquidity providers. ABGSC undertakes to continuously during the opening hours quote prices for the Company’s share in accordance with the at all time prevailing minimum requirements for liquidity providers set out by Nasdaq Stockholm aiming at improving the liquidity of the share and reducing the spread. ABGSC’s assignment commences on September 2, 2024.

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Latest update: 2024-06-03