eMELT enables innovative serial production for the Italian manufacturing industry

9 Feb 2024 | Regulatory

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt AB – a deep-tech, green-tech company whose groundbreaking solutions create new conditions for rapid growth in 3D printing has entered a strategic collaboration with WEAREAM, Italy – aiming to accelerate 3D printing as a manufacturing technology via eMELT for serial production of industrial applications.

Industrial companies shifting from traditional manufacturing to 3D printing, experience a large gap of competence and support in application and product development, to enable an efficient transition to serial production within 3D printing. Bridging this gap is crucial for the industrial revolution toward a more innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable manufacturing industry.

WEAREAM is a Center of Excellence with extensive knowledge and experience in 3D printing, headquartered in Lombardy, Italy. Italy is today one of the leading markets globally in the use of 3D printing as a manufacturing method with a growth rate of 20% over the last decade, predicted to further accelerate. The northern region has for many years been a cluster of early key adopters and innovative companies at the forefront of research, design, and engineering driving the industrialization of 3D printing. The Italian State and the European Union are strong drivers behind the development by supporting with funding and resources. Over the past years, Italian manufacturing companies have been successful in several 3D printed applications, where turbine blades for the Aerospace Industry and Orthopedic implants are the most successful globally.

To further accelerate the development and industrialization of 3D printing, Freemelt, and WEAREAM have entered into a strategic collaboration where WEAREAM will add an eMELT-iD machine to their facilities, with the start of production in July 2024. Freemelt with its unique technology and products will have an important and active role in driving the industrialization of 3D printing and increasing the competitiveness of the Italian industry.

Freemelt CEO Daniel Gidlund comments:
”Freemelt and WEAREAM is a perfect match! It is exactly this kind of strategic collaboration the manufacturing industry needs and embraces – competence and application centers supporting industrial companies in the transition to more innovative manufacturing technology, like 3D printing.”

Gidlund continues:
“This strategic partnership ensures that eMELT and the E-PBF technology (Electron Powder Bed Fusion) take another important step in establishing Freemelt and eMELT as the leading technology for innovative serial production of industrial applications.”

WEAREAM CEO Paolo Folgarait comments:
”With this strategic partnership, WEAREAM and Freemelt will enable the full potential by complementing each other perfectly to serve the market, support clients and the industry to adopt high-tech solutions based on new materials and the most innovative additive manufacturing technologies. WEAREAM is proud and excited about this collaboration with Freemelt.”

WEAREAM CTO Maurizio Romeo continues:
“Thanks to our long-term expertise in E-PBF technology, WEAREAM is a perfect partner for Freemelt to ensure that the eMELT technology will deliver effective industrial production of demanding applications, where new materials and cutting-edge technologies will make the difference.”

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